Advertiser FAQ

Where do you operate?

We can work anywhere in the world. We do need internet connectivity to download the content we show to the riders.

How much does it cost?

We have three basic packages. All plans are monthly and based on

  1. $.20 per impression for ads
  2. $.40 per impression when the user selects a point of interest (POI)


  1. Silver - $299/month
  2. Gold - $499/month – 10% discount on Silver impression prices
  3. Platinum - $999/month – 20% discount on Silver impression prices

We deliver impressions until the account is used up.

What happens if I don’t get all of my impressions used in a month?

They roll over and continue to roll over until they are used.

How do I figure out where my ads will be shown?
  1. Currently, we have a single use approach. We can create advertising geo-fences anywhere and associate a single advertiser with that geo-fence. We have the ability to “nest” gen-fences inside each other and one advertiser can have the “outer” geo-fence and another can have the inner geo-fence. Ultimately, we will institute an auction process where you can bid on specific geo-fences for specific time slots.
  2. We can create Points of Interest (POI) for your specific use or you could sponsor a message around another POI, like a national monument.
How do I figure out when my ads will run?
  1. Right now, the system is set up to deliver an ad whenever the car enters the geo-fence. We can stop showing ads at certain parts of the day and are working on an automated scheduling.
  2. Points of interest are only shown when a rider selects it so it will always be shown.
Why two types of impressions?

Our research shows people want to select what they want to see but we know that serendipity and surprise are part of the experience. We have the advantage that our app is installed on a “third” screen that is not owned by the rider. So it is not so intrusive to show ads based on location. (Pushing ads to people on their own device based on location has a certain “creeper/stalker” feel.) So we allow people to pick what they want to know more about via the POI, which are always available to the riders. Advertising is shown based on location, so there is a bit of randomness to it. We allow riders to turn off ads, if they want to be left alone.