Drivers FAQ

How much money can I make?

Based on our assumptions about how many trips an average driver makes in a month (about 130) and how many impressions are made, we estimate the average compensation to be between $200 and $300 a month. Pretty good addition to your driver pay.

When do I get paid?
  1. Once we are up and running full blast, you can get paid whenever you want. Go to Settings and click on yur points and youll go to the store.
  2. We are in initial testing right now (Sept 2016) so you'll earn points but we won't have all of the rewards yet.
  3. We should be ready to go later in 2016. Please be patient as we develop the market. This is a new idea and takes some time to get rolling.
How do I get paid?

You get points three ways right now

  1. When riders see an ad
  2. When a rider selects a point of interest, you will get points
  3. You refer other drivers

You can earn up to 100 points a day. Points accumulate until you cash them in, using the app. We post rewards in the LocalDL app “store.” (Go to the settings -> Store to see the rewards.) We will be adding rewards like Visa gift cards and gas cards and you’ll find other rewards as well.

Do I need my own iPad or do you provide it?
  1. You need to provide the iPad. A number of carriers have rental programs starting around $30 a month.
  2. Your iPad needs to have internet access to download the content that is shown to the riders. You can get an iPad with 3G connectivity or use your mobile device as a Wi-Fi hot spot.
Do I need to sign up?

You do not. You can download the app and start earning points without signing up. However, you need to sign up in order to redeem your points since the rewards are delivered via e-mail. You should sign up early on to make sure you get credit for all of your rides. If you do not sign up and have to re-install the app, you will lose any points you have accumulated.

Any limits on what I can earn?

The only limit is 100 points a day.

Where does this work?

Anywhere in the world.

How does the driver pay get determined?

We split our revenue 50-50 with the drivers. We use the points system to make it easier for you to use the app without the need to provide us any private information.

When will I start getting paid?

We are working on financing that will allow us to pay you as we ramp us our advertising. You will continue to earn points so you don’t lose anything. Please be patient with us as we grow the business. We need drivers in order to attract advertisers so we need some time to build op a stable of advertisers.

Can you refer me to a place to help me with maintenance on my car?

Yes, we have partnered with CarChex to help with that.
You can find out more here.